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2019 Blogging Trends For Small Businesses
2019 Blogging Trends For Small Businesses

2019 Blogging Trends For Small Businesses

You cannot ignore these 2019 blogging trends if you are serious about crushing your financial goals in 2019.


Blogging in recent times, have become a major aspect of inbound marketing for small businesses. Not just small businesses but even big brands such as GLO, GTBank, Coca-cola, etc, are already doing that.

As a matter of fact, blogging for small businesses has become a crucial part of brand building and recognition. If the big brands are doing that comfortably, you got no excuses.

Hello everyone, my name is Chibuike Dominic and in this article, I will be revealing to you the five epic blogging trends for small businesses that you should watch out for in 2019. And of course, implement on your business to ensure you skyrocket your brands’ awareness.

Before then, let’s consider some of the importance of incorporating blogging into a business’s marketing strategy:

  • The concept of blogging opens up a medium for content marketing to thrive.

It is understandable that people are constantly in search of information about just anything over the web. This new development has even made the slang, “Ask Google” as popular as Kim Kardashian and as reliable as the rising of the sun. Pardon me, please!

But, what this means is that whatever products or services you are selling or rendering, people are already searching for information around them. And you know what? You are not the only one selling such products or services. That is where competition steps in! The war of attention. But who wins appears obvious: the one that makes the first impression first and did so valuable.

And first impressions are made over the web using content marketing. Content marketing entails creating content that explicitly satisfies the customer’s needs. The question now becomes, are you ready to make that first impression? If yes, then, blogging is a great way to get started. And the only best way to get started is to look out for blogging trends in 2019 so you better understand how to position and set a SMART blogging goal.  Find out more about how to use content marketing to attract and retain customers that are ready to pay you.

  • It helps you sell your products like you didn’t intend to.

Believe me when I say we all hate ads. Even you too hate unsolicited ads popping up on your screen and becoming sticky. Just think about this: trying to scroll up or down but this ads just covered your whole screen and wouldn’t let you. Quite annoying, right?

Building a brand is a tough but interesting process. Again it can be slow but surely. That shouldn’t border you a bit. I recommend you focus on the goal and mission of your business instead while systematically using content marketing as a means for relaying your USP (unique selling point ) to your target customers. A great way to get started is leveraging on business blogging. This helps you understand trends for your niche which gets you a step ahead of your competition. Read more on starting a blog the right way.

But, ads have to be runned if money is to be made. That is why blogging for businesses is a subtle yet effective way of selling ads to your customers without them seeing it as such. Don’t wonder why. No one gives a shit about their wet clothes when they succeeded in catching the big fish. No one cares about what you are inexplicitly promoting provided there was a value upfront. Blogging for business is a great way to get this done the right away.

  • Blogging for business helps you retain your visiting target customers.

The essence of Lead generation is retention. If you cannot retain leads, why burn fingers generating them in the first place? Why would you want to attract a group of target customers you intend to lose the following day. I know no sane business owner who plans to lose a set of customers they newly acquired. But could you be inadvertently doing so by ignoring some fundamental principles for lead retention? That is possible.

And if you are not using blogging to boost your business customer base, then you are preparing to lose customers in no small measures. Again, if you have been blogging but not paying attention to blogging trends, you could be purchasing a failed blogging strategy on installments.

The valuable content you share with your audience by way of blogging, pave way for the retention to increase by up to 60% percent. You are on your way to creating a base of raving fans who have come to know, like and trust you. Blogging for small businesses is incredible in ensuring a trusted brand is born out of your business.

  • It helps you segment your customer-base

For proper and effectual marketing(especially online), the need for segmenting is quite understandable. Let’s say, you sell two kinds of clothing: English and Traditional items of clothing. Blogging helps you segment your customer base by allowing you to study their behavior and reactions through content creation. So when next you imported English clothing, you don’t go ahead to send mail to people that liked Traditional attires notifying them of new stocks.

Having established why blogging is a key aspect of your marketing, below are five blogging trends you should watch out for in 2019.

2019 Blogging For Businesses
2019 Blogging For Small Businesses
  1. Video Blogging (Vlogging)

Video has become the crowd pleaser. It doesn’t matter the age range of your current customers or potential customers, videos tend to captivate all of them.

Using videos as part of content marketing strategy for your small business, a blogging strategy will go a long way in provoking the visitors to your business page to want to come back again.

The content of these videos does not have to be explicitly about your products and services. You are free to think-out-of-the-box when creating video blogs for your audience.

Take, for instance, Glo is doing a great Job with their vlogging about the everyday lives of common Nigerians tagged “Professor John Bull”. Bringing together established brands (such as Musicians and Actors) that undoubtedly constitute the attention grabbers for their current and target customers. This way, while entertaining the audience, they are subtlely raising consciousness for their brands

      2.   Interest-based Blogging

If you are a frequent user of Google products like Google Trends and Google Correlate or even Google keyword planner, you will discover that the Entertainment and fashion industries are really trending in this part of the world. But if you are just seeing these for the first time, no problems. Simply head over to Google Trends and click on “Overview”. Set “Country” to Nigeria. You will see that the trending terms are either on sports, fashion or entertainment. But as it stands now, politics has become a subject of high interest.

What then is the fuss?

Your customers (both current and prospective) are no exceptions. They are also involved in this buzz. So, what you want to do is to subtlely pique their interest regarding such matters. You can go out of your way to show solidarity with the INEC by posting on “Between Buhari and Atiku: ten reasons why you should get your PVC”. However, in political matters, be careful not to take a stand. It may arouse some dissatisfaction and ugly reactions.

Another is the fashion industry. GTBank is already rocking it there: The GtBank Fashion week. They put in so much money into this but the result is worth it. Before and during their fashion week, their social media handles are flooded with updates.

For your small business, the approach could be different. You may not have so much money to run a project as capital intensive as GTBank’s Fashion Week or Glo’s Professor John Bull. Therefore, why not just blog “about” them instead.

View the latest trends from your audiences’ standpoint. Brainstorm and decipher their reservation. Show some solidarity (as long as it won’t cause some controversies).

      3.   Value or Nothing!

Like the parrot in “Home Alone, part 3” would say to Kelvin, “two or nothing“. In the same vain, it is either you are providing valuable blogs for your audience or you don’t do it at all. There are too many noises already in the blogging industry; whether vlogging or just article blogging.

So many copy and paste all around. Too much epileptic and half-baked content. Only a few people are genuinely interested in blogging. Most persons are bundled with the get-rich-quick mentality that they expend so little energy in content creation.

Youtube alone receives over 63 million views every day with over 300 hours of Youtube videos uploaded per minute. And in conventional blogging, close to 4 million blogs are written daily. The noise really is great.

But then, most of these articles content written are only good for the garbage, and the videos for the cesspool. And readers are good at spotting them. Once it can not explicitly solve their problems, it gets trash.

The good thing is that you can quickly get over your competition by daring to stand out. One way to do this is producing contents that are detailed enough to solve a specific need and concise enough to save their time. You may want to hire a professional content writer if you have to. That is how serious it could be.

        4.   Increase Your Reach

One of the blogging trends in 2019 is your ability to render your content where and when they are needed. So much to say that it is imperative you (or your business blog manager) understands some native SEO hacks.

The cruise is that you become mobile with your content. Reach out to potential customers as at when and where they need you.

Cool SEO hacks that you can implement right away is moving away from your business’s blogging platforms such as your business website to other borrowed platforms where your ideal or target customers congregate. It could be social media, forums, other people’s blogs or websites, etc. Here is a comprehensive guide that teaches you some cool stuff about off-page SEO. However, if you are really serious about taking control of your business online presence and dominate, you can order for my ebook on online visibility. It will teach you the practical steps you need to master your business´s online visibility.


      5.   Leverage smart tools.

There are so many tools that can not only make blogging easier but also make it fun. In fact, blogging whether for a corporate brand or personal brand is supposed to be fun. And tools are available to ensure it remains so. One of the blogging trends in 2019 is to identify and leverage these tools.

From tools for generating content ideas, crafting irresistible headlines or post titles, researching keywords and target audiences, taking analytical reports of your blog performance, automating tasks, editing and creating all kinds of blogging materials, etc.

For a small budget, you can get tools with pro features. Most allow for freemium usage. And almost all of Google tools are free yet consequential. In 2019, blogging for your business without leveraging on these smart tools can be both disastrous and counter-productive.






2019 Blogging Infographics
2019 Blogging Trends For Small Businesses [Infographics] 

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Blogging is a very fast-paced concept. Only those who are ready to test different things to find out what works will make it large. Take for instance, in SEO, Google keeps updating and tweaking their algorithm in order to escape being demystified. Yet, every day, someone somewhere is trying hard to deconstruct the complex algorithm that is controlling blog ranking so as to create better content and optimize for discovering.

Over to you: What do you think are some of the huge blogging trends for 2019 that may really impact on the way blogging is done for small businesses?

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Blogging is a handy tool for lead generation and retention. The need to understand what is trending is crucial for a profitable blogging strategy.
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