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5 Questions You Must Answer Before You Start Blogging.

In starting a blog, there are crucial questions that you need to answer before embarking on the blogging adventure. Blogging in recent times, have become such a great tool for creating and furnishing both personal and corporate brands. Starting a blog is really something anyone who craves for online visibility must embrace.

Basically, blogging is all about creating content that is mainly informational like guides, discovery, recommendation, research, entertainment, news, et cetera.

In starting a blog, the need to be specific, comprehensive and in-depth is crucial.
However, thousands of blogs are currently dormant. Whilst some never saw beyond publishing, others are pathetically in abeyance.

I remember how I failed to launch my first blogs because I, first of all, failed to answer some pertinent questions pertaining to starting the blog. This alone could have afforded me the will to continue in spite of discouragement.

I discovered that there are thousands of bloggers out there who have either side-kicked their dreams or at the verge of doing so. If you are in this category or you are simply starting out, this post will save you from unnecessary hassles. I have painstakingly documented my experience and the thought of other leaders and came up with this post.

So, in starting a blog, the first question you need to ask yourself is:

1. Why starting a blog?

I dare not place this anywhere else rather than where it is..

Many newbie bloggers think they know why exactly they wanted to start a blog. They, however, seldom take time to analyze it. If I may ask you; why do you want to blog? Hey, don’t be quick to answer that. At least not yet! That was how I speedily answered that question and rushed into blogging and then speedily rushed out again.

People go into blogging for one or more of these reasons:

  • To make money
  • To share their knowledge and experience
  • As a hobby
  • To build their brands


Now, go ahead and answer: why do you want to start that blog?
Once you set straight your “WHY”, you will be able to draw up inspiration when success seems elusive.

Blogging is a long-term project, and if there is no strong basis for what you pursue, you will soon get discouraged. Knowing the ‘why’ and setting it right helps you plan the strategy to achieve them.

Someone blogging for the sole purpose of making money will have a different strategy from one who is doing it as a hobby. So by all means, know the ‘why’ and set it right.

2.What to blog about.

After you must have established the reason you want to start a blog, the next thing is to decipher what you want to blog about. There are ways you can come up with niche ideas, and if you look through these lenses you should come up with ideas:

  • what interests you most?
  • what is trending within your locality or globally?
  • what are you proficiently knowledgeable abou?t
  • What story do you have to tell?

These will not just help you come up with ideas but more so, provide you with the yardstick for measuring/pruning your performance.
If your major ‘why’ is to make money, you may consider taking up hot and trending topics and monetizing them. This requires much work and perspiration. Once you can ascertain the what’, you already got for yourself a half-baked bread to get you going.

3.How to blog it

This is where you are either made or marred.
It is where frustration sets in. Not knowing how is the actual purveyor of failure in starting and running a profitable blog.

One of the things I did to scale this was to immerse myself into learning from those who have gone ahead of me.
I made a list of them (mental list in my case but you may consider writing yours down). I subscribed to their blogs’ newsletters, followed them on social media, attended their webinars and sometimes, bought their tutorials ( the ones I could afford) but most importantly, read between the lines.
You must learn to read meanings to their moves even when you think there is no obvious reason to do so.

One thing most expert bloggers won’t tell you is that once you buy their products, you invariably bought their time and attention as well. (Alas! You are now their student).

This is of one my secrets whilst starting out. Each time I signed up for a course or buys a product, I go as far as contacting the purveyor, indirectly letting them know me personally and that I bought their course. Establishing this relationship gives me the privilege of soliciting professional advice without a surcharge (*winks*).

Another way of cracking the ‘how’ saga is to make research both extensively and specifically…….The buzz is that I combined the two. And while I was
learning from experts, I was also making a comprehensive research on the case study. This way, I was able to accrue the knowledge needed for starting a blog that is really profitable.


4. Where to blog.

‘Where’ in this context means your target audience. You must get to know them by analyzing them in their habits and exposure. Knowing where they spend their time, their behaviors and drives gives you an edge to predict their possible actions and responses.

Take, for instance, you were a motivational speaker in your 30s and your target audiences consist of men from 60 years and above. That would be a sure ticket to failure because those ‘oldies’ have seen too much of life that there is absolutely little or even nothing you can tell them about the vicissitudes of life.

Suffice to say that knowing your target audience and devising a strategy to approaching them is something you must not fail to get around with.

Now, that you have set straight your path, the next thing is to venture into starting a blog. We wrote a post on getting the right tools in setting up your blog. You can read the Simple tools for setting up a profitable blog here.

I hope this post has helped you in setting your path towards the blogging journey. If you have any suggestions, comments, criticism, recommendations or inquiries, please use the comment box and we will be glad to help out.

Starting a blog? Crucial questions you must first answer.
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Starting a blog? Crucial questions you must first answer.
You have two options: answer this question now and get it right the first time or fail to do so and regret later.
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