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5 Awesome Platforms That Can Skyrocket your Brand Awareness[And Go Viral On Short Notice]
Go viral and be known

5 Awesome Platforms That Can Skyrocket your Brand Awareness[And Go Viral On Short Notice]

This post shows you uncommon ways to take your business online and go viral even when you don’t have a website.

You may have heard them say, “when you are everywhere, then You are nowhere”. Today, I want to tell you something quite different: “When you are everywhere, you become viral!” And that is the goal of any successful brand: To be everywhere where their ideal customers congregate.

Hi everyone, my name is Chibuike Dominic . In this article, I will show you some not-so-common hacks to go viral and get people talking about your brand and how you can position yourself as an expert leveraging on these six platforms.

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With the intrusion of the internet and all of its accessories, being everywhere as a business is not only expedient but imperative. It is something you ought to get done if you don’t want to get lost. And the good news is that it is pretty possible. So long as the criterium is satisfied which is, “are your customers there?”, it becomes a necessity.

I was on Alexa doing some site rank check when I decided to check on one of my mentors’ site analysis. You won’t believe it (though I think you ought to), this guy has his name as one of the unique keywords for the site. And that gave him some kind of unique traffic and selling point. And I know him to be everywhere where his ideal customers hang out to make a lot of noise about what he does.

Ok, enough of that! It is one thing to be good at something and it is another thing for people to know so. If people already know so, you relax a bit…….but if they don’t, you have to meet them and let the hell loose!

Be Social
Be everywhere where your ideal customers congregate.

At the introductory part, I wrote you’ve got to be everywhere, right? Well, I was not telling you the whole truth, but now I will. What I actually meant was that you must always show up WHERE YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMERS CONGREGATE. The rule is simple and quite straight-to-the-point: You must show up and do so the right way at the right time.

So, in this article am going to reveal to you where you ought to show up, what you should expect and finally, what each platform requires of you.




Facebook logo
Facebook logo

Facebook is currently the largest online community you can get. And according to the Facebook newsroom in this article, about 1.45 billion users use Facebook on average as of March 2018. It has about 2.20billion monthly active users as at the same time. That is a pretty large market; it would be totally insane not to tap from this huge market.

Whatever you want to do: grow your blog traffic, promote your brand, build your personal brand or simply socialize and interact with like minds, Facebook offers you not just the opportunity but the right tools to get these things done.

And in a more serious note……

As an online marketer without a website or blog, the best platform to start with in building your brand and selling your products is basically Facebook. The community offers eye-boggling possibilities even if all you know is their basic business insight.

So how do you position yourself here for maximum results?

Don’t get carried away by the social nature of the platform, everything in it is actually business (if you see it in that light). There is a handy tool created by Facebook to help you manage your business and socialize with ease. In this concise article, I showed a step-by-step guide to creating the Facebook Business Manager.

So, for your short posts – either about what you do or simply thought-provoking; bring them here. Write articles that:

    • position you as a persona of integrity
    • position you as someone who knows what he is doing
    • position you as an Expert in what you do

Join groups that enrich your mind and start flying……it is never a rocket science!




Instagram Logo
Instagram Logo

Instagram is a social media platform managed and owned by Facebook. It capitalizes mainly on the photographic aspect of social media. It deals more on graphics and motion than texts.

The platform records about four hundred million monthly users on the average. It is best suited for you if most of the things you do are photo-based. The easiest and of course, the fastest way to outgrow your competitors is to utilize available technologies and Instagram is undoubtedly one such technology.

Do you have things or wares to display in photo-mode? Things like clothing, food, accessories, gadgets or even your own modeling pictures are best suited for Instagram.

So, if you are a model or an aspiring model, Instagram will help furnish and project your career in a good light. Hello Photographers, bead makers, event planners, caterers, fashion-designers! I hope you are already rocking it on Instagram. Not yet? Why not? If you are not already started, get started today and speedily, too.


twitter logo
Twitter Logo

Twitter is best suited for generating buzz and getting first-hand information on the latest happenings and trends at a snap. So far, twitter greets short post with such an overwhelming welcome.

It is just like a reporter’s quick-report, not so detailed but reported anyway. Although for bloggers, other web apps such as HubSpot and Google Trends are seriously competing with the Twitter functionality of generating the latest trends. It is, however, more detailed and holistic than most of these tools.

So, what then?

If ever you are wondering what is trendy or what your competitors are up to. Perhaps, you simply want to keep your brand afloat with the right information on your niche, Twitter becomes your handy companion.


LinkedIn Logo

There are connections triggered and only possible simply for business purposes. Linkedin is a social business platform that triggers and host this kind of connection. On LinkedIn, you get to view job openings related to your industry (as specified in your account). Not just that, you also get a recommendation from folks in your connection list whom you have been able to “convince” you can do the job.

LinkedIn is simply a business playground where people come together to socialize and give and get jobs.

Remembered I said, “convince”?

Well, that is where your work of branding comes into play. One thing you must always bear in mind is that you’ve got work to do in order to get your brand go viral. So, how then do you convince anyone that you are the right guy for the job?
Through your profile and content!

Take a deliberate step to update your profile with relevant and quality skills. There are some digital-age skills you ought to add to your list of skills. Do well to learn, upgrade and add them up to your profiles.

There is a place for content marketing which actually tells people you know what you are doing. Craft meaningful posts and engage in other people’s post sensibly. When you are able to brand yourself to that extent, you have been able to “convince them”.

One task you should also get involved in is the task of connecting. LinkedIn will show you how to get around with that! Two of the benefits of creating meaningful connections are:

  • it creates an avenue for other professionals whom you have worked with to review your profile. A profile with positive reviews portrays integrity and professionalism. Reviews lend credence to every claim you make thereby, generating recommendations.
  • it gives you an edge to build a community of people who can recommend or contract you someday. LinkedIn is basically for service providers and professionals looking to connect and be connected.

5. Quora

Quora Logo/
Quora Logo

How the heck can Quora help my career? In a whole lot of ways my friend!
First things first, Quora is a question and answer platform.
It consists of three kinds of people: those who want to ask questions, those who want to provide answers to questions and those who want to ask questions and also provide answers to questions.

You can fit into any but for the sake of our discussion, you must fit into the group of persons who want to provide answers to questions above everything else. You think you know pretty much about something? You’ve got a load of information to qualify for an information junky? No problems! Head over to Quora, you sure are going to find a whole lot of questions begging for your answers.

How does this help your career?

When you provide useful answers that solve people problems, they emotionally begin to search for you. So long as you are reachable (that is, you have links linking back to your social profile or website), they will follow you. With time they will get to know, Like and Trust you (KLT factor). Haven’t you become viral?


Here is  a bonus:



Eventbrite Logo/http://entrepreneurtechguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/eventbrite.png
Eventbrite Logo

Did you just chuckle? Well, don’t get tickled just yet. Perhaps you never thought Eventbrite is a platform you ought to be checking on now and again. Nevertheless, I am putting it to you that if you are really serious about going viral as a brand, then hangouts, seminars, meetups are not something you should take for granted.

So, where does Eventbrite come in in all of these?

Eventbrite is as the name suggests, a platform where you get to see upcoming events such as hangouts and seminars. With Eventbrite, you get to know the available events for the week or week-endings and their pricing (Some are completely free, some are freemium and others are paid for).

There is a need to complement online visibility with physical visibility, and Eventbrite gives you the opportunity to get around with that.
So, from free seminars to paid seminars, Eventbrite gets you covered. You can also use Eventbrite to drive targeted traffic to your website and blog.

Yes! Yes! Yes! For now, just get acquainted with and aggressively dominate these platforms. Go viral and enforce your brand by way of content creation and you will be surprised at how much progress you have made with your online visibility within the shortest time.

Do you have a strategy you use not included in this article? Or you have a question or observation? Please, we’ll be glad to have you share it with us. Do so in the comment box below.

How to go viral on short notice
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How to go viral on short notice
Brand awareness is key to building a scalable business. Find out how to go viral on short notice in this article at no cost.
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