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WANT 4 SEO Tricks To Growing Your Blog Traffic Without Spending A Dime


Let me show you how you can grow your blog traffic without spending a dime using simple and easy tricks you never knew work like tsunami!

These article is for people who already have a blog  or business and wants to grow their blog traffic. If you are just starting out as a blogger, please read this crucial pep article i wrote to get you started the right way.And if you are confused about the tools you need to set up a profitable blog, this article can help you get around with that.
Hello everyone, am Chibuike Dominic and in this article i will show you practical ways you can grow your blog traffic without having to spend a DIME!
Meanwhile, if you have always  wanted to grow your blog traffic and the only means that keeps popping up in your head is Google Ad-word, then two things are involved: Either you will allow me change that mindset right now or you go ahead and enrich Google the more.


However, whichever one you opt for, if you have 10 minutes, let me  unveil to you simple tricks you never cared to try out simply because they are unbelievably simple.
When it comes to business, every seller wants and needs customers. And for the online man, leads are the heartbeat of the business. Remove them and your business goes into extinct.It doesn’t matter how passionate and zealous you are about what you do, if you are not getting good leads that will pay you some money, you will become discouraged and ultimately, screwed out of the business.
Don't become discouraged
Don’t become discouraged
You need lead generation and lead retention to be able to get the most out of your business.This is in  more concise language means, you must be able to grow your blog traffic to a point where you can believe unflinchingly that you have a community of customers.


Starting out as an online man, i had very little capital,  almost close to nothing. What i always did was use the plan B. And in this article i will be sharing with you this plan B for growing your blog traffic.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging
Guest blogging
Don’t let the grammar scare you.It is actually the simple task of writing blog articles for other blogs for FREE. Did i just said for free? Actually you don’t get paid in cash but surely, you get paid in kind.


So how do you do that?
When you contact an Admin of a blog and indicate your interest in writing a blog article for them, you in turn, get back-links to your own blog.
In guest blogging, you get to promote and position yourself as an authority in your niche and at the same time build back-links to your blog to grow your blog traffic.
For maximum result, you should consider posting on blogs:
  • with a good sizable audience and quite commendable domain authority.
  • that the blogs contents are related to your niche in every sense. For example, if you blog about dogs, you may consider blogs around  dog.


Be Social

Be Social
Be Social
I don’t mean you should become a Sanguine or an extrovert. No, no….far from that! As a matter of fact, am an introvert and occasionally would skip public places.
  I however, mean you ought to utilize the power of social media platforms in order to create your brand awareness and ultimately, grow your blog traffic.
You see, what this really means is that you ought to be around where your ideal audience hangout in order to find an opportunity to pitch to them. And the social media have proven again and again to be the largest platform where you can get a large community of persons with a shared interest.


It is ready-made, tailored and properly channeled! You just need to tap into the existing traffic to grow your own blog traffic. So get a Facebook account and be active if you haven’t.


Twitter is another, yet again we have Instagram, LinkedIn and you can name the rest of them. Watch out for my post on the list of platforms that requires your presence if you are set to breaking the jinx of personal branding and brand awareness.


Find People Where They Ask Questions, Answer Their Questions And Steal Them.

Growing your blog traffic is an incomplete strategy and often worthless if you are not planning to retain them. Traffic generation is just as important as traffic retention, and in a deeper sense, the crux is in the retention part. But how do you retain these guys?


In the business world, and even in every sphere of the human life, emotion has always been the citadel on which human actions emanate. IF you can tap into your ideal customers emotion positively, they will follow you….they will transform into leads.
And one of the ways of doing this is by meeting them with the solution to their needs where and when they sure need it.
Quora is  a great platform for this. Find some questions related to your niche and  answer them.You even have the liberty to create back-links to your blog. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and utilize the possibilities.
Another site is stackoverflow. Hey, we have Nairaland too. Go tap into their audience and use them to grow your blog traffic.


Tap Into Your Local Directory


A directory is like an address book with business listings and their addresses. Normally, these directories are websites that command optimum domain authority and has a large number of daily site visit. So, your focus is to tap into their audience and use it to grow your blog traffic.
How do you do that?
It is as simple as Googling ‘local directories’ including the name of the country you are targeting. For instance, if your target audience mostly are Nigerians, then type ‘Local Directories, Nigeria’ or ‘Nigeria local directories’.
But if you are targeting everyone (which is a bad SEO strategy), then just go ahead and google ‘local directories’.
Pick say five of the topmost result on the SERP and create a free account with each of them. Enter your business details (your blog) stating your services and let them do the publicizing of your business for you. This way you can grow your blog traffic for no monetary cost. Example of directories include m.Vconnect.com, abbakin.com, businesslist.com.ng, finlib.com, naijasky.com, etc.


Apart from the local directories, you can run ads for your blog services for free using the biggest Nigeria ad site, jiji.ng. Just run an ad probably for s free training which links back to your blog.
Again, you have Eventbrite. However, with Eventbrite you must not run ads or even appear “salesy” at all unless you want Kevin Hartz to kick you out. What you need to do is to post an event you will be organizing preferably a virtual one with your blog or Facebook community as the venue.
This way, you are sure going to grow your blog traffic greatly.
Ok now, over to you! What other tricks are you using to grow your blog traffic? Share in the comment box.
If you think this article helped or there is a suggestion or observation you would like to make, we will be happy to have you do that.
How to grow your blog traffic without spending a dime.
Article Name
How to grow your blog traffic without spending a dime.
How to grow your blog traffic without spending a dime. Simple and easy tricks you never knew work like mad.
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